Sunday, December 23, 2007


mixed media on paper, 11 1/2" x 15"


  1. What types of materials did you use in this? I really like it, you work well with watercolour. I suck at it! :( I try to use it and it ends up going everywhere and not where I want it to spread.

  2. To keep straight edges, I used drafting tape – not as rough on the paper and hopefully not tear the surface. If you double click on the image, you’ll see that the watercolor seeped through edges I tried to maintain with tape.

    I often work in glazes (layers) of watercolor. It helps create depth in a piece.

    The words “wash me” and the smiley were written in wax to resist the watercolor. I used a piece of wax I cut off from a slab I bought from the craft store.

    Lastly I used white watercolor, which the watercolorists call gouache, to redefine the hard edges of the window shape I wanted to maintain. I again I used drafting tape to get my harder edge.

    Watercolor has a tendency to go where it pleases. You have some control if you define an outline/edge first and then fill in an area.

    A fellow artist gave me a Cornell watercolor brush that was shaped more to a point. I used it on the series of paintings with the eyebrows and cleaning products. The shape gives me more control than other watercolor brushes.

    Mo : )