Sunday, October 30, 2005

120 Colors

All 120 colors that came in the Prismacolor box were used to create this piece. So often artists are advised to only use a limited palette. In each square I blindly picked six colors to use until I went through the whole box. I then continued in successive rounds. It took a while to finish.

This piece has appeared in two shows so far. It also was in a competition at an artist meeting. It has generated a lot of positive feedback from artists and non-artists alike.

colored pencil on paper, 21" x 26.5"

We See

The materials for this collage were handed to me at a lecture on Hannah Hoch in Boston. It was one of many seminars I attended at a national art teachers convention last March. The speaker asked 25 of us to make a collage out of the materials she put in a cellophane bag. She referred to it as a "Dada bag."

collage, 17.5" x 24"

Curls Gone Wild

colored pencil on paper, 20.5" x 28"